The recent approval of a Bitcoin ETF has caused a surge in Ethereum-based tokens.

Ethereum prices have reached their highest point since May 2022.

Investors are speculating that an Ether ETF will soon receive approval from the SEC.

The Ethereum market experienced substantial growth during Thursday's session.

This trend suggests that the broader cryptocurrency market might be on the verge of a more significant movement.

Cryptocurrency expert Anthony Sano has predicted that Ethereum could reach $10,000 by the end of 2024.

He believes that Ethereum's ability to offer yield through staking will make it attractive to institutions.

The approval of an Ethereum ETF is one of the most important factors that could affect Ethereum price in 2024.

The future of Ethereum is uncertain, but there is a lot of potential for growth in 2024. 

Investors should carefully consider their risk tolerance before investing in any cryptocurrency.