Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited share price: This penny stock will cross ₹200! Price now less than ₹100, investors ready to place bets

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Investors are buzzing with excitement about the potential of Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited, a penny stock that’s currently trading at less than ₹100. Analysts predict that this relatively low-priced stock could surge to ₹204 in the next 18 months, making it an attractive opportunity for investors.

About Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited:

Established in 1973, Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited has emerged as a leading specialty chemicals company. The company specializes in manufacturing benzene-based compounds like nitrobenzene, methenyl acid, and MAP. These chemicals find applications in various industries such as paper, pharma, agrochemicals, thermal dyes, light stabilizers, aerospace, and dyes and intermediates. With manufacturing facilities located in Roha, Maharashtra, Sadhna Nitro Chem has positioned itself as a key player in the chemical sector.

Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited Current Share Performance:

As of now, Sadhna Nitro Chemical shares are priced at ₹93, presenting an intriguing investment opportunity. The stock experienced a 2% increase on the second trading day of the year. Despite having reached a 52-week high of ₹121.23 in June 2023, the share price saw a dip to ₹66 on August 25, 2023. Currently, experts believe that the stock is on an upward trajectory and could potentially reach ₹204 in the next 18 months.

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Target Price According to Profitmart Research:

According to a report from Profitmart Research, the target price for Sadhna Nitro Chemical shares is estimated to be around ₹204. This projection has garnered attention from investors who are considering entering the market at the current price of ₹93. It’s important to note that the stock has received positive attention from experts, but investing always involves risks, and market conditions can change.

Company Background and Operations:

Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited primarily focuses on the production of specialty chemicals crucial to various industries. The company’s product portfolio includes nitrobenzene, methenyl acid, MAP, and more. These chemicals serve as essential components in diverse sectors, showcasing the company’s versatility and significance in the market. With manufacturing units strategically located in Roha, Maharashtra, Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality chemicals.

Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited Shareholding Pattern:

As of the latest available data from the September quarter, the shareholding pattern of Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited reveals that 71.12% of the company is owned by promoters, while the remaining 28.88% is held by the public. The promoter group, consisting of nine individuals, is led by key promoter Asit Zaveri. Zaveri holds a significant 1,41,66,630 shares of the company, indicating a strong commitment to Sadhna Nitro Chem’s success.

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While the projections for Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited suggest a potential surge in its share price, it’s crucial for investors to exercise discretion and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions. Stock markets are inherently unpredictable, and various factors can influence the performance of a company’s shares. As always, this information is not to be taken as investment advice but rather as expert opinions and insights into the current state of Sadhna Nitro Chemical’s shares.

In summary, Sadhna Nitro Chem Limited presents an interesting opportunity for investors seeking potential growth in the penny stock segment. The company’s strong position in the specialty chemicals market and optimistic projections from experts make it a stock worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

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